A Special Project For A Canine Friend

This week I was asked to create a special project for a very important person in my life. Her name is Dr. Naomi Woods and she is my veterinarian. She lost her companionĀ of 19 years , her special friend Neil. Neil was a chihuahua and that loving little friend is what convinced Dr. Woods to take the plunge into becoming a veterinarian.

That was more that 15 years ago and now Neil is forever free. Dr. Woods asked that I create a special piece to commemorate Neil’s life and its impact on Naomi. The piece is simply calledĀ miss you friend.

She found Neil was she was completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin. It was a cold winter morning and Dr. Woods found Neil tucked in under her car for warmth. When she peaked her head underneath she saw Neil wagging his tail saying “Hello!” Neil was quite friendly, despite how uncomfortable he had to be- Neil had a mangled hind limb that appeared like it had been bit by a wild animal.

Poor little Neil!

Dr. Woods, at the time just Naomi, brought him to a local clinic. She explained that Neil didn’t belong to her but instead she had found him. They instantly started caring for him. Only later in life did Dr. Woods realize that they must have heard owners coming in daily claiming to have “found” a pet asking for care. But the clinic didn’t ask a single question and instead got right to work. She was amazed at the veterinary orchestra she saw before her.

Everyone knew what to do. Everyone had a job. A catheter was placed and little Neil was brought straight into surgery for fear he would become septic. His leg was removed and his life was saved. Naomi always loved animals but she wanted to help like these people did. She wanted to be a veterinarian.